What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Counter? Top 6 Suggestions for 2023

To protect your countertop from the heat of the air fryer, you can try putting a wooden cutting board under the air fryer. Aside from that, you can also put a plain ceramic tile, a glass cutting board, or a best silicone heat-resistant mat

In this article below, I’ll be explaining why they are helpful and how much they are helpful. Besides, I’ve also added some other effective suggestions. But before that, a few related segments are here to make your understanding better. So, let’s dig into the article.

Can I Put an Air Fryer On the Countertop?

Yes, you can put your air fryer on the countertop. But sometimes it’s not recommended. Don’t get puzzled, below I’ve cleared these confusions.

6 Things To Put Under The Air Fryer To Protect Your Countertop?

AECHY Extra Large Silicone Mat
Silicone Mat

If your countertop is not heat resistant then you must put something under the air fryer. But the question is what to put under the air fryer to protect your countertop. You can put several things under the air fryer. Here we will discuss some items you can use.

1. Plain Ceramic Tile To Put Under Air Fryer

Plain ceramic tiles are heat-resistant material. You can put any kind of ceramic tile to put under the air fryer. These tiles are very gorgeous looking and the corners are edged. They look good on any countertops. These tiles can absorb almost 500° Fahrenheit of heat.

2. Wooden Cutting Board For Protecting Countertop

Wooden Cutting Board
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You can also use a wooden cutting board to put under an air fryer. It can be used as a heat-resistant material. You will get several sizes in the market. It can easily absorb at least 500° Fahrenheit of heat. These boards are also water-proof and you can wash them any time you want. It can handle up to 1 pound of weight.

3. Insulated Non-Skid Granite Countertop Protector Mat

It is a silvery patterned steel type mat. It looks gorgeous on any countertop. It is a high-quality silicon mat. It can absorb up to 450° Fahrenheit of heat. It got a dimension of 20″ x 17″ inches and a thickness of 2mm which makes it able to absorb all the heat your air fryer produces.

4. Glass Cutting Board To Protect Countertop

Glass cutting boards are also heat resistant. Although they aren’t heavily heat resistant like the others they can resist the normal heat an air fryer produces. You can use a glass cutting board as a decorative counter protector. They are waterproof and don’t get any kind of stains.

5. Bamboo Chopping Board To Put Under Air Fryer

Bamboo chopping boards are also heat resistant. They can absorb up to 500° Fahrenheit of heat. If you have an extra bamboo chopping board then you can put one under your air fryer. You will find bigger and smaller sizes in the market. It is waterproof that’s why you can wash it easily and you will not see any stains on it.

6. Silicone Heat Resistant Countertop Protector

The silicone heat-resistant mats can reduce up to 480° Fahrenheit of heat and -40° Fahrenheit of cold. It is very useful to protect your countertop from an air fryer. Gasare silicone mats are the best silicone mats. It has a dimension of 25″ x 17″ inches and a thickness of 1.4mm. You can put air fryers of any size on this mat.

Can Air Fryers Damage Countertops?

If your countertop is as heat-resistant as granite, copper, or aluminum, you don’t need to worry about anything. Granite countertops generally last for a very long time. But if the countertop is not heat resistant, you should not put your air fryers directly on the countertop.

Air fryers usually cook food at a very high temperature. An air fryer reaches almost 1200° Fahrenheit at a normal time. If your countertop can’t take this much heat, then it will melt the surface of your countertop or cause discoloration. It can also cause a crack on your countertop too.

Should You Put Something Under The Air Fryer?

You know that an air fryer cooks food at a high temperature. If your countertop is not heat resistant, then the heat will damage your countertop. That’s why you have to put something under the air fryer. If you use a sealer on the countertop, you don’t need to put anything under the air fryer.

Where to Place an Air Fryer In The Kitchen?

An air fryer is small in size but produces a huge amount of heat around it while working. You may think you can put it in any place you want. But you can’t put it anywhere you want. You will need free space and a high heat-resistant surface to put it. You must put it away from the walls. You should put the best heat-resistant mat under it.


Now you have overcome all your confusion about what to put under the air fryer to protect the counter? I have added numerous options for you. However, if you are willing to cost a little then I would suggest using a silicone heat-resistant protector. Among all the solutions this one is the best.

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