Should You Replace Countertops Before Painting Cabinets? The Ultimate Pro Guide!

While the conventional advice is to replace countertops before painting cabinets, it’s not always necessary. One reason for replacing countertops first is to avoid potential damage or stains to the newly painted cabinets during concrete work. However, painting cabinets before replacing countertops is also an option, especially if you’re on a tight budget or uncertain about your design choices. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific renovation goals and budget, as each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we will explore the factors to consider when deciding whether to replace countertops before painting cabinets to help you make an informed decision for your kitchen renovation project.

Should You Replace Countertops Before Painting Cabinets?

There are no mandatory rules to answer this often-asked question. If you plan to replace countertops and paint your kitchen cabinets, you can either replace the countertops before or after. It’s totally up to you.

Many people think it’s better to paint the cabinets before you replace the countertops, so it doesn’t cause any damage to the new finish. But a professional won’t leave room for this dilemma. It’s totally fine to paint the cabinets first and then think of the countertops.

It is also related to your affordability and time. Another concern is whether you have a budget or enough time to wait for the curing process. It’s because the kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and doing the entire update at a time is a challenge. You can do it step by step, and there’s no right order to follow.

What If You Replace Countertops Before Painting Cabinets?

What If You Replace Countertops Before Painting Cabinets?

If you decide to replace the countertops first, then it’s good from the perspective that concrete work is a messy business. Besides, countertops are one of the focal points of the kitchen so the selection of countertops beforehand is more practical.

When you haven’t decided on the material, color scheme, etc. yet, then you will definitely get inspiration from the countertop. You should remember who is doing the work. You can decide to do it yourself or hire a company. The company mostly suggests or has its own way of doing it.

With an installed countertop, you can proceed to the appliances to match. Without any other structural changes, only new countertops can transform the whole look. Just make sure to pick the right material, color, and texture from a wide range of options available for countertops.

What If You Replace Countertops After Painting Cabinets?


The second option, if you are planning to paint the cabinets before, is also okay. Sometimes, it is preferred and suggested by some companies, as the color looks slightly different after it dries. This difference occurs due to lighting, resulting in varying shades and hues.

If you choose this order, you can change your decision for countertop color so that everything looks subtle. You can even adjust the lighting to suit the theme. This way, you eliminate the chance of cracked countertops after installation.

Whether to do it before or after is not a debate, as long as you hire the right advisor to guide you. However, budget plays a crucial role here, narrowing down the possibilities to experiment with. For different price points, you have to adjust the order accordingly.

So, What Do We Recommend?

It is fine both ways when you have professionals with skills and experience to help you out. They already know how to replace the countertops without even causing a scratch or dropping paint on the new countertops and vice versa.

Depending on the approach you wish to achieve, you can start off with countertops or paints. At the end of the day, kitchen cabinets, paint color, backsplash tile, and everything else should complement each other rather than compete for attention.

Should You Paint the Cabinets Or Replace Backsplash First?

Experts say replacing your backsplash should be the last step since it needs to overlap the countertop. Just in case you are doing anything with the floor, then that comes after everything else. Because all the mess going around falls down there.

There is a reverse opinion as well. Some people suggest when you do the tile backsplash in the first place and extend those below where the counter would go gives extra support. Or you might want your backsplash to be at the center of focus. That also leads you to do the backsplash first.

Can you paint cabinets instead of replacing them?

Yes, you can paint cabinets instead of replacing them. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to change the look of the cabinet, then painting the cabinet is the best idea. It can completely change the look of the cabinet. However, if it is damaged inside then I would suggest replacing it instead of painting it.

The Benefits of Upgrading Countertops Before Painting Cabinets

  1. Inspiration: Upgrading countertops before painting cabinets can serve as an inspiration for the rest of the kitchen design.
  2. Less Mess: Concrete work for countertops can be messy, so upgrading countertops first can keep the mess contained.
  3. Complementary Design: A new countertop can set the tone for the rest of the kitchen and inform the choice of paint color and other elements.
  4. Budget: Upgrading countertops before painting cabinets may be more budget-friendly, as painting the cabinets first may require more touch-ups later.
  5. Decision-Making: Upgrading countertops first can help clarify other design decisions, such as lighting and appliance choices.

The Benefits of Upgrading Cabinets Before Countertops!

Benefits of Upgrading Cabinets Before Countertops


Painting cabinets is generally less expensive than replacing countertops, providing your kitchen with a significant facelift without breaking the bank. By prioritizing cabinet upgrades, you can save money on your renovation and still achieve a fresh, updated look.

Quick turnaround

Painting cabinets is a relatively swift process compared to replacing countertops, which can take several weeks to complete. If you’re aiming for a speedy kitchen renovation, opting to upgrade your cabinets first is a smart choice.

Versatile design choices

Upgrading cabinets first offers more design flexibility when selecting countertops. You can choose from a wider range of colors and materials that complement your newly painted cabinets, rather than being limited to countertops that match your old cabinets.

Increases home value

Investing in cabinet upgrades can enhance your home’s value, especially with high-quality materials and finishes. Prioritizing cabinet improvements allows you to add value to your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Last Words

In conclusion, whether to replace countertops before painting cabinets ultimately depends on your specific goals and budget for the renovation. While replacing countertops first can help avoid potential damage to newly painted cabinets, painting cabinets first is a more cost-effective and time-saving option. Ultimately, it’s important to carefully consider your priorities and make an informed decision that works best for your unique situation.

So, I think you have no more confusion on the topic – should you replace countertops before painting cabinets?

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