How to Use Wood Pellets In Gas Grill? – Follow 5 Steps


Grilling is an art. For grilling you can add wood pellet, charcoal, aluminum foil, or gas. However, using wood pellets gives a nice smoky flavor to your grilled dish which is delicious.

Now, you may ask, how to use wood pellets in a gas grill?

Today’s star is the smoker tube. A smoker tube helps to get the most out of your pellets. With the perfect wood selection and following some strategies, you can be the master of using wood pellets in the gas grill. In this article, we’ll learn the step-by-step process of using wood pellets in a gas grill to achieve the best smoky flavor. Let’s get started!

How to Use Wood Pellets In Gas Grill? (Step by Step)

Wood Pellets In Gas Grill

I always prefer using wood pellets on a gas grill or any kind of grill for the delicious and savory smoky flavor. Let’s get the best out of the wood pellets for a gas grill-

Step 1: Get The Grill Ready

Before using the wood pellets or grilling, check if the grill is properly ready, clean, and in good condition. If you notice any dust, sawdust, or grease, remove those with a nylon brush or soft cloth. Also, check the gas supply and the burners are functioning well. This step will ensure you have good and efficient temperature control.

Step 2: Select The Perfect Wood Pellets

Wood pellets come in various flavors. Interesting, isn’t it? For example, cherry, apple, hickory, mesquite, or walnut. Each of these pellets gives a distinct and delicious taste to your grilled dish. You can experiment with the wood pellets or use the flavor suitable for the dish you’re cooking. Like, for whole turkey or chicken, you can use apple or cherry. For beef, hickory goes well. For fish, cherry or mesquite goes well. For pizza, maple or oak is the best!

Step 3: Fill The Wood Pellets In The Smoking Tube

Fill the smoking tube with the wood pellets. Now, ignite the tube end with a lighter. Make sure to leave the lights on for 1-2 minutes for a good flame. Now, let the smoke tube burn for 10-15 minutes for good smoke production. If the smoke stops, relight the tube and repeat the process.

Step 4: Position The Smoking Tube In The Gas Grill

Now, place the smoke tube parallel to the grill and opposite side of your food. Also, as your pellets can burn quite easily, to prevent this make sure that your smoking tube is quite far from your burner. In addition, if you have a double rack grill, then it’s best to put the smoke tube at the bottom rack as the smoke will rise to the food.

Step 5: Start Grilling

Finally, place your food on the grilling rack and keep an eye on the temperature from time to time. Adjust the temperature when it’s necessary. If the smoking tube goes off, ignite it again and have the best smokey-flavored dish!

That’s it. Now I’ll go to the final part but before that, if you’re interested you can look for a guide on using pellets in a charcoal grill.

What Is a Smoking Tube?

What Is a Smoking Tube?
Image Credit: Jason kindle

A smoking tube is a tool that infuses heavy smoky flavor into your dishes. It looks like a small metal cylinder that holds the wood pellets and slowly generates the smoke. It’s quite similar to a smoke box, but the structure of the smoke tube is for long-lasting smoking output without refilling the pellets often. It can take 1-5 hours to burn and produce the smoke, so you can simply rest or enjoy the party! Overall, a smoker tube lets you have a rich and flavourful smoky flavor dish that you can’t get in the traditional grilling way!

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So, that’s all for today. If you use the wood pellets properly as directed above, you can certainly enjoy the best rich smoky flavor. A small tip is, don’t use wet wood pellets in the smoke tube as it’ll result pretty badly. Also, store the wood pellets in a dry place to prevent absorbing moisture. Therefore, best of luck with your next grilling session!

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