How to Use Handheld Electric Can Opener? 6 Easy Steps for 2023

Just place it on the can lid, press the start button, and it will automatically cut around the lid’s edge. Lift it off when done, and the lid is ready to be removed. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for any model-specific details.

How to Use Handheld Electric Can Opener? 6 Easy Steps for 2023

Handheld Electric Can Opener

Step 1

First, plug your Electric Can Opener into a socket, For example; Image

Step 2

Lift or press the silver lever that brings forward the can opener’s blade and clamp.

Step 3

Keep the lip of the can in the right position under the wheel and ensure that the wheel and blade are positioned rightly.

Step 4

After accurate positioning, fix the cutter head to clamp the can in the right place.

Step 5

Push the ON or designated button to launch opening the can. It will automatically rotate and its wheel will operate through the can lid. So till finishing its opening process, just hold the can lightly so that its contents can’t spill.

Step 6

When it completes its operation, remove the can. You will find the lid attached to the magnet on the can opener and remove it from the magnet.

Are electric can openers worth it?

Are electric can openers worth it

Electric can openers are indeed worth it due to their efficiency and precision. It’s ideal choice for those with busy schedules who want to save time when opening cans. Furthermore, using an electric can opener is a wise choice to prevent the risk of sticking your finger into the can while opening the lid. Electric can openers surpass manual ones in effectiveness and convenience thanks to their hands-off operation.

Caroline attests, “I’ve been using an electric can opener for over half a century. Why? Because every time I need my manual can opener – and I did have one, or at least I used to – it becomes entangled with other kitchen tools in the same drawer. Now, that’s a hassle I can do without!”

In essence, an electric can opener is an essential small kitchen appliance that not only saves time but also spares you from the inconvenience of searching for a tangled manual opener. That’s why it’s unquestionably a worthwhile investment.

FAQs of Electric Can Openers

  • What Can Go Wrong with an Electric Can Opener?

As it’s an electronic appliance, sometimes you may face a few problems. Most problems you may face are electrical or mechanical. The Electrical problem is that you may find electric cords and switches are not working. Besides, you may find other problems like motors or grinding wheels may be faulty or jammed. The feed gear and cutting wheel may become worn or dirty or damaged.

  • How to fix it up?

First to avoid problems you should keep regular maintenance of the electric can opener. Because regular maintenance can greatly improve its functional life. Sometimes, separate the cutter and its shaft. Then clean it in hot soapy water and brush it well.

  • What is the easiest can opener to use?

You will find two types of can openers in the market electric and manual can openers. Among Them, the best electric can openers are the easiest to use.

  • How long does an electric can opener usually last?

The durability depends on the quality of the product. Usually, a good quality electric can opener may last five years or longer.


An electric can opener is a very handy small kitchen appliance that helps open cans fastly and safely. As it’s an essential kitchen appliance, you must know how to use it. That’s why we have tried our best to inform you of the easiest ways of using electric can openers. Hopefully, you will be benefitted following our instructions.

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