How Do I Reset My Crockpot Blinking? The Complete Guideline

Want to cook your meal with minimal effort? Then, crockpot aka slow cooker is your suitable option! As an electronic gadget, a crockpot can also encounter some troubles sometimes including blinking lights which isn’t normal.

So, how do I reset my Crockpot blinking?

You can check the power source, and inspect the cord or cooking settings for this. So, if your crockpot is blinking, stay with us and please continue to read on. I assure you, that you’ll find your desired guidance. Let’s start safely!

How Do I Reset My Crockpot Blinking?

How Do I Reset My Crockpot Blinking?

Resetting your crockpot isn’t much of a big deal. Just follow the instructions given below and viola! Here we go-

1. Check Power Source

Make sure the power supply or outlet is working properly and functioning. To be sure, plug another electric gadget into the outlet and make sure the source is alright. If the issue is in the electric outlet, call the mechanic.

2. Unplug It

The most effective and often used solution is to unplug the crockpot and wait for a while. This step can help the resetting process and solve the temporary glitches in your crockpot.

3. Check Cooking Settings

If you mistakenly set the wrong cooking setting for your recipe, there can be some blinking issues. So, ensure that you select the given cooking setting in the recipe

4. Examine The Cord

Make sure to check your power cord for any tear, crack or visible damage. Exposed wires or fraying can cause electric issues that can result in blinking lights. If there’s any damage in the cord, don’t use the crockpot, change the cord immediately.

5. Inspect the Lid

Your crockpot lid should be properly closed. Some brand crock pots have safety issues where you won’t be able to operate the crockpot if the lid isn’t properly closed and locked. That’s why I try to adjust the lid and rest the crockpot. Then, you’ll be good to go!

6. Overheating

Just like any other electronic gadget, if your crockpot gets overheated, there’ll be some safety issues triggered. Don’t place the crockpot near any heat source or direct sunlight as it may cause overheating. Make sure to cool down your crockpot before you reset it.

7. Factory Reset

Some new brand manufacturers are providing Factory reset options in their crockpots. You can check your manual and know if your crockpot is available for factory reset. Following the manual instructions perform the factory reset that can help with the blinking issues.

8. Customer Support

If none of the above steps work for your crockpot blinking issue, unfortunately, you’ll have to seek help from the manufacturer’s customer support. They can offer specific guidelines for your crockpot issues and models.

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Bottom Line

In the end, I can conclude that blinking a CrockPot is genuinely frustrating. However, the problem can be solved with some simple and easy steps and instructions given above. Always try to consult with professional repairs or manufacturers for instructions and safety. Best of luck!

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