How Do I Know If My Crockpot is Working? 4 Methods

Crockpot, also known as slow cookers are a great helper in the kitchen for busy or lazy life. This beloved kitchen appliance makes food without any help and serves you a delicious hearty meal at the end of the day. Crockpots are safe electronic gadgets to use, but they may also develop some issues over time.

how do I know if my Crockpot is working? 

You can do some visual, sound, taste and time setting checks on your crockpot to make sure nothing is wrong with it.In this article, I’ll provide you with a complete guide to help understand all the functionality. Let’s get started!

How do I know if my Crockpot is working?

Crockpot is working

There are 4 methods to check this, Here are the comprehensive guidelines for you to know if your crockpot is okay or not

1. Visual Inspection

The first step comes with checking the inside and outside of the crockpot and seeing if there are any unusual things to notice. Such as-

  • Check the Hardware

If you haven’t used the crockpot for a while or bought any crockpot on sale, check inside and outside of the product. See if the lids, handles and legs are in good condition to use.

  • Indicator Lights

Plug your crockpot into any power source and check if the power indicator lights turn on. If it’s on, then fine, if not, then there are some issues in the appliance.

  • Cords & Plugs 

Try to inspect the cords and plugs thoroughly from base to body. If you see any crack or visible damage, don’t use it. Cracked or exposed wires can cause short circuits and safety hazards. Make sure the plug and cords are completely intact as you’ll leave it home all day alone.

2. Temperature Test

To make sure that your crockpot is okay, check if it’s heating up properly. You can also check by

  • Fill Cooker

Fill the crockpot 2/3 or 3/4 with tap water and set it to Low or High settings. Cook it for 8 hours. In low temperatures, the reading should come to 195°F(90.6°C) and for high temperatures it should read 165°F (73.9°C) in the food thermometer. If the reading comes out fluctuating, there must be some issues.

  • Uneven Cooking

Try to cook any simple dish like soup or curry, then observe if it’s cooked evenly. If the whole food is properly cooked or some part is still raw. Uneven-cooked meals suggest that there’s something wrong with the heating elements of your crockpot.

3. Timer Test

To maintain time, check these-

  • Set A Timer & Monitor

Alongside your crockpot, set a timer on your clock or phone and check the specific cooking duration. Now compare the actual cooking time on the crockpot and your timer’s duration, if you see any unusual discrepancies, it indicates the cooker’s problem.

4. Smell & Sound Check

Give attention to the smell or any significant sound changes in your cooker-

  • Odors

If you notice any odor or strange smell from food or while cooking food, it indicates an electrical problem or overheating issue. Don’t use that appliance from then and fix it.

  • Unusual Sounds

A proper cooker makes no sound and is silent while cooking. Grinding, buzzing or rattling noises signify internal components or motor problems.

Final Verdict

At last, I can conclude that don’t use any electronic gadget when you assume it isn’t working in the usual way. Assess the functionality of your crockpot using these steps and maintain it properly. With proper care and maintenance, your crockpot can be your reliable friend for years after years.

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