Upgrade Your Kitchen’s Style: Matching Hickory Cabinets with Trendy Countertops in 2023

Hickory is one of the best and most versatile hardwoods used for kitchen cabinets. There is a wide range of colors and designs, you can create hickory woods! Hickory is super hard, heavy-duty, and long-lasting, so it became one of the popular choices.

However, one question may arise, what countertop would look good with hickory cabinets?

You’ll find impressive shades of color in hickory wood like creamy yellow to dark brown. For dark hickory woods, you can choose pale or creamy countertops, it’ll look superb. For reddish hue hickory woods, brown or beige countertops will look fantastic.

Coordination of colors and designs can enhance the style and appearance of your kitchen. It can make your kitchen look elegant or cozy! For more detailed information regarding the color combination or styles of countertops with hickory woods, please continue reading.

What Are Hickory Cabinets?

What Are Hickory Cabinets
Hickory Cabinets

Hickory cabinets are made from hickory woods which offers one of the most natural and vintage-looking kitchens. You can find varieties of shades and ranges in this wood such as from pale cream to yellowish to dark brown to a reddish hue. Add the best aesthetic to your kitchen with hickory cabinets and make it look elegant.

With hickory woods, you can not only build cabinets but also other kitchen furniture. As hickory woods don’t dent easily and are pretty long-lasting, that’s why they can provide maximum structural support. Notably mention that this amazing wood is scratch-resistance and also moisture-resistance. That’s why you can choose this wood for your cabinets without any worries!

Is Hickory Suitable For Kitchen Cabinets?

Certainly, yes! As mentioned before, hickory wood is exceptionally hard, long-lasting, and has many more favorable features. These fantastic features like hardness don’t dent, moisture and scratch resistance make the hickory wood ideal for kitchen cabinets. Not to mention the wide range of color shades available in hickory woods!

Even if your kitchen has a high humidity level, there’ll be no worry to have this material as your kitchen cabinet. There is almost zero chance of mold or the growth of bacteria in your cabinets. Plus, the high density and quality structure of hickory wood can keep your cabinet durable year after year.

A notable mention is, the hickory cabinets can excel in handling stress, shock, or any heavyweight. However, painting the hickory wood is a tiresome process, but trust me once you finish the painting, it’ll bring out the elegant and gorgeous features of the wood. When you sand and stain the hickory wood, it seals all the imperfections of the wood!

The Perfect Pair: How to Choose the Best Countertop for Your Hickory Cabinets?

What Countertop Would Look Good With Hickory Cabinets
The countertop Look Good With Hickory Cabinets

Now, you’ll see the color and design schemes for your kitchen cabinets with hickory woods. As you are choosing countertops for your kitchen with hickory woods, you must make sure of the color combination and designs of your entire house. Now, we’ll see how you can choose the best countertops for your hickory cabinets-

1. Choosing Based On Color

Fortunately, hickory wood is available in blondish yellow to dark brown to red-brown colors. So, you can choose various types of countertops that go well with the shades of hickory wood. First, you need to notice that hickory wood is quite coarse and has a lot of textures. That’s why I always try to choose a simple-looking countertop with small detailing.

  • For Earthy or Warm tones like pale cream, beige or brown, neutral color cabinets will work.
  • For Light Colored or White hickory, dark or black countertops will be best.
  • If you choose Dark or Reddish hues hickory, the lighter the countertop should be. It’s the best color contrast.
  • Your hickory cabinets will look fabulous paired with dark brown or dark gray countertops. However, as the stain is hard to clean from dark countertops, please be careful. Plus, if you have a small kitchen, dark colors may seem smaller. That’s why dark colors are suitable for industrial kitchens.

2. Choosing Countertops Based on Materials

You may have heard of many materials for countertops, but trust me not all materials go well with hickory cabinets. For example- marble slabs are very popular for their unique pattern and amazing features. However, if you want to have a marble countertop with hickory cabinets, the kitchen will look overly excessively loud. So, it’s a No!

Another example is granite slabs for kitchen cabinets. Just like marble, granite also has exceptional patterns which won’t compliment the structure of hickory cabinets. For hickory cabinets, you should find something simple, and smooth which makes your kitchen look elegant and aesthetic. So, let’s see the suitable cabinet materials-


You can compare quartz with marble or granite. It’s a stone-like material that offers all the benefits like heat and scratch proof. Plus, the price is also affordable! If you want to renovate your house or just change the countertops, it’s a great option. Plus, quartz comes in varieties of colors and patterns. So, you can have the freedom to choose according to your kitchen pattern.

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It’s a natural gray-colored stone which makes a fantastic countertop. If you have a large or industrial kitchen, then you can have a perfect elegant kitchen with this fabulous-looking material. This amazing material is heat and stain resistance. Unfortunately, it’s not scratch resistant, but if scratched, it can be sanded. One note is, soapstone becomes darker as time passes by, so it goes well with light-colored hickory.

Ceramic Tiles

One of the most common and less expensive choices. For modern-day kitchen style, ceramic tiles are the best. You’ll find different patterns and structures like marble, granite, or wood in ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are heat and stain-resistant. That’s why you can find the most suitable design for your kitchen. However, the tiles may break with heavy impact, then you can change the single tiles.

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Stainless Steel

Those hickory cabinets with too much texture will look good with stainless steel cabinets. It’ll look simple yet elegant enough. Stainless steel is quite sturdy, heat-resistance, durable, and easy to maintain. That’s why it’s the best option for an industrial or contemporary kitchen. However, stainless steel isn’t scratch-proof, so don’t use this on the cutting surface.

Which color is best for kitchen countertops?

Off white kitchen with grey expo quartz countertop

It’s better to have beige, white or off-white countertops. It gives a shiny, clean and classy look to your kitchen. White or lighter tones tend to give the focal point to the countertops. Whereas, darker colors can give a cool vibe with a sleek look. You can also choose neutral gray, natural wood tone or pale cream shades.

Should countertops be lighter or darker than the cabinets?

It depends on your choice. If you have light countertops and a dark cabinet, it’s pretty common and looks good. It’s a very attractive contrast and goes well with smaller kitchens. If you have dark countertops with light cabinets, it’s a lethal combination. A black quartz countertop with a light cream cabinet! It’ll look fabulous!

How do I choose a countertop color?

What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose
Img Source: precisionstonedesigns.com

At first, you need to understand the underlying hues or colors surrounding your kitchen and decor. It plays an important role in choosing the ideal countertop color. Then, identify the cabinet colors and pair suitable colors with them. Play with the color contrasts until you get a satisfactory result! Lastly, consider the other accessory styles and colors. And you’ll be good to go!

Final Words

Hickory is a fantastic material to build your cabinets. Of the different color variations and styles, this wood became popular. However, you can style your kitchen countertops according to the colors of your hickory cabinets. Try to follow the methods and tips mentioned in this article and you’ll get your dream kitchen!

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