What Color Cabinets Go With Brown Granite Countertops – 8 Suggestions for 2023

With brown granite countertops, black, white, gray, maple, and wheat color cabinets go well. It depends on the type of kitchen and shades of brown.

For baltic brown granite, white, blonde oak, and light gray color countertops go well. For tan brown granite, black, maple, and gray are better choices. And for fantasy brown countertops, dark, brown, and black color cabinets are a good combination.

Actually, the color combination mainly depends on your mind. There are different kinds of psychology that also work. To understand which color is the best, you need the feeling, look, and environment the color combination creates. To get better idea, you’ll have to go through the whole article. So, let’s dive deep into the article.

What Are the Best Color Combination for Different Shades of Brown?

Color Cabinets Go With Brown Granite Countertops

Now it’s time to clear your confusion when you have different shades of brown countertops. Below I’ve added a table where you’ll find the best color combination for different shades of brown granite countertops.

Different Shades of Brown (Countertops) Best Combination (Cabinets)
Baltic Brown ●     White

●     Light Gray

Tan Brown ●     Maple

●     Gray

●     black

Fantasy Brown ●     Black

●     Dark gray

●     Dark Brown

What Color Cabinets Go With Brown Granite Countertops?

Below I’ll be adding 8 different color cabinets that match perfectly with different shades of brown granite countertops. At a glance, you can check the pros and cons of the combinations.

Brown Granite Countertops And White Cabinets

Image Source: pinterest.com

White color generally goes with any color, and the same goes for brown granite countertops. It’s a traditional style and recently got high popularity. If you use bright and pure white cabinets, then it will be the best contrast to the brown granite.

You can also consider the warm white color. If the countertop isn’t even brown, the color goes almost perfectly with other stones, such as blue or purple.

However, one disadvantage here is white color gets dirty very easily. So regular cleaning is mandatory here.

Pros Cons
●     Brings a traditional feel.

●     Recent tend

●     Gets dirty frequently and easily visible on white.

Brown Granite Countertops And Black Cabinets

Brown Granite Countertops And Black Cabinets
Source: i.pinimg.com

If you want an artistic bold look in your kitchen, then a black cabinet is a good choice for you. Now the question is, how does it go with brown granite countertops? Well, if the cabinet is of fantasy brown color, then black cabinets will be a perfect suit.

Now let’s discuss this combination for different types of kitchens. First, if you have a modern kitchen, black and brown bring a sleek and contemporary look. Next, If you own a traditional kitchen, the combination adds a touch of elegance.

Finally, there is one more advantage compared to the previous combination. Here, you’ll have to think less about dirt and cleaning.

Now, if you think about the disadvantages, the color combination makes the kitchen a bit darker. So, you’ll have to use bright lights in the kitchen.

Pros Cons
●     Eye-catchy aesthetic and bold look.

●     Less hassle of cleaning.

●     Compatible with both modern and traditional kitchens.

●     Only suggested for fantasy brown and dark-brown countertops. Other shades of brown might not be a good combination.

●     Requires more lighting.

Brown Granite Countertops And Gray Cabinets

Brown Granite Countertops And Gray Cabinets
Image Source: Pinterest.com

Are you looking for a combination of black and white? Then here comes gray color cabinets with brown granite countertops. Gray cabinets bring a refreshing, airier feel to the kitchen and soften the color scheme.

Compared to black, and white cabinets, gray color wins when it’s a question about brightness. White color is excessively bright, and black is dark. Here gray is the neutral color that balances everything properly. Another great advantage is gray color gives the kitchen personality without bringing a dark look.

Pros Cons
●     Eye-catchy look and refreshing feel.

●     Best for brightness.

●     Specially suggested for warm brown granite countertops.

Brown Granite Countertops And Wheat Cabinets

Brown Granite Countertops And Wheat Cabinets
Image Credit: decoratedlife.com

Are you willing to give your kitchen a brighter look? If so, then with a brown granite countertop, wheat color cabinets will be a good match. However, here the combination goes better if the countertops are of dark brown shades.

The wheat color contains a more orange-red undertone, so it’ll bring a bolder aesthetic to your kitchen.

One disadvantage here is that dirt gets more visible with wheat cabinets than with black and gray cabinets.

Pros Cons
●     A bolder look and aesthetic feel.

●     Better for a brighter look.

●     Gets dirty easily.

●     Especially for dark brown cabinets.

Brown Granite Countertops And Maple Cabinets

Brown Countertops Maple Cabinets
Source: foter.com

Maple cabinets with brown granite countertops bring a Scandinavian-inspired look to your kitchen. Just like the wheat color cabinets, maple is also good for brightness. Besides, it gives the kitchen a trendy European flair. It is called if you want a delicate balance between functionality and beauty, then maple cabinets and dark brown countertops are the best combinations.

Now let’s talk about the negativity. If your kitchen is of a traditional style, I wouldn’t recommend using maple cabinets. It goes perfectly with the trendy modern kitchens

Pros Cons
●     Scandinavian-inspired look and bold feel.

●     Goves kitchen the Trendy European flair.

●     Perfect for modern kitchens

●     Not for traditional kitchens

●     Only for dark brown cabinets.

Brown Granite Countertops And Beige Cabinets

Beige Cabinets
Photo: decorpad.com

Beige is another good choice when it is a combination for brown granite countertops. The color combination creates a warm, inviting environment. The beige color is also versatile and goes perfectly with both modern and traditional cabinets. Also, if you want to add personality to the kitchen, this combination is a very good choice.


Pros Cons
●     Brings aesthetic look.

●     Perfect for both modern and traditional kitchens

●     Not appropriate for a bold design kitchen.

Brown Granite Countertops And Brown Cabinets

If you’re a brown freak then all brown countertops and cabinets are the best selection for you. Now talking about the feel, it’ll bring an earthy, warm, inviting feel to the kitchen. Besides, it brings a chicness to the kitchen.

However, not always it’s a great choice for the kitchen. If you want a better combination for modern and traditional kitchens then choose the other combination I talked about above.


Pros Cons
●     Better if you’re a brown lover ●     Looks a bit darker.

●     Not greatly appropriate for modern and traditional kitchens.

Brown Granite Countertops And Blue Cabinets

Brown countertops and blue cabinets are a great combination because you can find both in nature. Brown represents the color of the ear, and blue represents the color of the water. And it brings feelings of harmony and balance to the kitchen.

The color combination is also eye-catchy, but the blue color will look odd if it mixes up with dirt. So, cleaning is more necessary for the blue cabinets.

Pros Cons
●     Suits perfectly for any type of kitchen.

●     Brings a simple look.

●     You’ll have to clean it more frequently to hold the original feel.

Some Other Suggestions

Aside from the above 7 suggestions, there are some other colors that match the brown granite countertops very well. Below I’ll be talking about them shortly. So, keep reading.

  • Red: Red is a striking color and red cabinets will have brown countertops. It’ll bring a more appealing look. A tip for you, use an aluminum handle with red cabinets for matching it better with brown countertops.
  • Yellow: If you want to bring a vibrant color. Catchy, warm look in the kitchen then yellow cabinets are the perfect combination with brown countertops. Among different shades of yellow, golden shades such as mustard yellow go better with brown granite.
  • Purple: If you want to create the charm and a character feel in your home then purple cabinets are a great match with brown granite countertops. Purple is the color royalty, and it brings a combination vibe of red and yellow.
  • Orange: This color also goes well with brown granite countertops. We know it’s a cheery and lively color. And a combination of brown and orange creates an inviting, warm atmosphere in the kitchen.


Is it necessary to match the color of the cabinets with the granite countertops?

No, it is not necessary to match the color of the cabinets with the granite countertops. It is more important to consider the overall style and aesthetic you want to achieve in your kitchen.

What other factors should be considered when choosing cabinet and countertop colors?

Other factors to consider include the color scheme of the entire kitchen, the amount of natural light in the space, and the size of the kitchen.

Can brown granite countertops work in a modern kitchen?

Yes, brown granite countertops can work in a modern kitchen, especially when paired with sleek, minimalist cabinets and contemporary hardware.

What are some other popular countertop options besides granite?

Other popular countertop options include quartz, marble, concrete, and butcher block.

Should I choose a glossy or matte finish for my cabinets?

The finish of the cabinets is a personal preference, but a glossy finish can make a kitchen appear more modern and bright, while a matte finish can create a more traditional or rustic feel.

Final Words

I think now you’ve no more confusion on the topic of what color cabinets go with brown granite countertops. I’ve added a list of countertop colors that go perfectly with which type of client with brown granite countertops.

So it’s now up to you to make your selection. A final tip is to match the color of the handle of the cabinets. It also matters when you consider the overall look. Good luck.

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