Can You Leave Soup in a Crockpot Overnight?

I say the answer to this question is both positive and negative. If you keep the crockpot on the Warm setting, then it is possible to leave the soup in it overnight. However, it is not advisable to do so, as it may pose a safety risk.

To gain a complete understanding of this topic, there are several other important aspects to consider. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Can I Keep Leftover Soup Warm in a Crockpot Overnight?

left soup out overnight
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After preparing a large pot of soup, you may wonder if it’s safe to keep it in a crockpot overnight. While keeping the heat on low might be tempting, it’s crucial to consider food safety when storing leftovers.

According to the USDA, The temperature range of 40°F to 140°F is known as the danger zone. Food should not be left for more than 2 hours at this temperature. When the temperature is above 90°F it is not recommended to leave food for more than an hour. Because bacteria can grow rapidly in these conditions. To prevent foodborne illness, perishable food should be stored below 40°F, which is the temperature of most refrigerators.

Keeping perishable food at higher temperatures, above 140°F, is generally safe for 2 to 4 hours. However, keeping soup in a crockpot warm overnight may impact its quality, as the soup will continue cooking and could eventually become overcooked.

The effect on quality can vary depending on the type of soup. For example, a pureed soup may benefit from extra time to absorb the flavors, while a soup with chunks of meat or vegetables may become rubbery or break apart.

If you choose to leave the soup in the crockpot overnight, make sure to monitor it and ensure the temperature stays above 140°F, which is well below boiling. Keep in mind that extended warming of the soup may result in a loss of quality.

Can You Leave a Crockpot on Warm Overnight?

can i leave food in slow cooker overnight off

Yes, you can keep a crockpot warm overnight as crockpots are designed for slow cooking. However, it is important to consider the type of food you are preparing and refer to the manual for the correct timer settings.

However, it is not recommended for food safety reasons. Keeping food in a crockpot for extended periods of time can lead to bacterial growth and cause the food to dry out or spoil.

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How Long Can You Keep Soup Hot?

How Long Can You Keep Soup Hot
Keep Soup Hot

It will depend on which mode you set the crockpot on. Nowadays appliances are manufactured to shut off the warm setting after around 20 hours. Yet when it is put on warm, in accordance with the temperature, the food can be freshly served warm for 1 to 4 hours.

You better not exceed this time. For what reason? Warm settings hold the temperature at 145° F, which is a favorable temperature for bacterial growth. Again, this temperature causes the soup to be cooked further and it will decrease the quality of its taste.

Overcooking soup for a long time with meat in it might get you a chewy dish. And for vegetable soup, it can melt all the vegetables with broth. Or otherwise, if you turn it off, some of the inactive bacteria become active again.

Which Food isn’t Safe to leave in a crock pot overnight

Which Food isn’t Safe to leave in a crock pot overnight

As crock pots take a long time to cook your meal, every recipe is not suitable for cooking in it. There are some ingredients that are better to avoid cooking in a crockpot. Starchy ingredients or grains are not for the crockpot at all. The type include –

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Noodles
  • Couscous
  • Quinoa, etc.

These foods are very delicate so they easily get overcooked. Once overcooked, these become mushy and dry out over time. Fish and cocktail franks are also not suitable for overnight cooking in a crockpot. These recipes or other appetizers can take a maximum of up to 1 to 3 hours. Otherwise, the taste is not anywhere similar to what you expect. Dips are best made in a crockpot but not overnight.

In case you really wish to add pasta, rice, or noodles to any overnight crockpot recipe, what you can do is cook them separately and mix them with the rest of the ingredients. Or, you can directly add those to the crockpot in the last remaining half an hour to turn out perfect.

Looking for an Overnight Soup Recipe?

Overnight Soup Recipe
Recipe Credit: Lisa Leake

After all these criticisms there are really some tasty recipes best to cook overnight in a crockpot. It is better to cook soup for a long time to enhance its flavor. What is yummier than soup for dinner? Do not forget to set the temperature to low. There are some soup recipes that require almost 11 hours or more.

Beef stew, vegetable soup, chicken soup, or such recipes are titled for overnight cooking. Even seafood soups are also great. You can experiment with new ingredients and spice proportions to make your own modified soup recipe that best matches your taste buds. The usual soup recipe can become an overnight recipe with some adjustments.

Don’t select a recipe where time plays the most crucial part. This type of recipe might become a total mess when cooked overnight. Another tip is when you are making beef or meat stew, make sure to sear on every side for the best flavors.

Other Crockpot Safety Tips for Keeping Fresh for a Long Time

With proper precautions, it’s easy to deal with overnight crockpot recipes. Let’s take a look –

  • Don’t remove the lid often as it decreases the temperature by about 10°-15° causing a delay of half an hour.
  • Always clean the crockpot before you start cooking anything.
  • Do not put too much water that can overflow while boiling the soup. Keep it within ⅔ of the crockpot.
  • Thaw the meat before you start so that the recipe is finished within time.
  • You should use a kitchen thermometer to check the temperature of your food.
  • Put the leftover soup inside your refrigerator within 2-4 hours of cooking.
  • To extend the freshness of the soup for a few more days, consider storing it in either the refrigerator or freezer.

Convenient Storage Solutions for Leftover Soup

left vegetable soup out overnight
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If you’re looking to avoid keeping your soup warm overnight or reheating it the following day, there are several convenient options that preserve the food’s safety.

One straightforward method is to remove the pot from the crockpot, cover it with plastic wrap, and store it in the refrigerator. This is an excellent choice if you have ample space in the fridge and won’t need to use the crockpot anytime soon. It provides a quick and effortless way to store your leftover soup without dirtying any extra dishes.

As an alternative, you can pour the soup into a large container, such as a gallon-sized ice cream bucket, in case you plan to use the crockpot soon and don’t expect to finish the soup before then.

If you live in an area where temperatures remain below 40°F at night and have limited refrigerator space, you can place the crockpot outside, as long as you wrap it securely with plastic wrap. This will create a makeshift outdoor refrigerator for your soup. However, it’s crucial to consider your surrounding environment and make sure no foreign objects come into contact with the soup.

Freezing Leftover Soup

Freezing Leftover Soup
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If you have limited space in the refrigerator or don’t think you’ll be able to consume the leftovers before they spoil, freezing some of the soup might be a good option.

When freezing, ensure that the containers or portions you choose are of a size that will allow you to thaw them in the desired amounts. The entire container must be thawed simultaneously.

Also, note that not all soups freeze well. Starchy ingredients like rice, pasta, and potatoes can turn the thawed soup gummy. The cream and milk in the soup can separate during freezing, but they can be easily recombined with a whisk after thawing. Seafood soups and soups thickened with eggs or cornstarch should be avoided when freezing as they can result in off-flavors or become thin upon thawing.


How many times can you heat up soup?

Reheating Soup: It is generally safe to reheat soup once or twice, provided that it is heated thoroughly to an internal temperature of 165°F to kill any bacteria that may have formed.

How long can chicken soup stay in the fridge?

Storage of Chicken Soup: Chicken soup can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days or in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Is there a risk of fire or electric accident when leaving soup in a crockpot overnight?

While a crockpot is an electronic device and there is a possibility of a fire, it is highly unlikely due to its low wattage. It is considered safe to leave the soup in a crockpot overnight.


That’s everything about – Can You Leave Soup in a Crockpot Overnight

Now you know the answer. So, I would suggest if you’ve no plan to keep the slow cooker ON then don’t do it.

Also, I have added a list of some common foods that shouldn’t be left in the cooker as well. So always stay conscious.

Thank you

Bonus Tips: Food safety to avoid any health hazards!

When it comes to leaving soup in a crockpot overnight, it is essential to take food safety precautions to avoid any health hazards. Here are 06 additional recommendations to keep in mind:

  1. Always ensure that your crockpot is in good condition and has no cracks or chips, as this can allow bacteria to grow.
  2. It is essential to cook soup at a high temperature (165°F or above) for at least 15 seconds to kill any harmful bacteria. Make sure that the soup is boiling hot before turning down the temperature to a lower setting.
  3. Do not leave the soup sitting in the crockpot on the “warm” setting for an extended period. Instead, store it in the refrigerator or freezer once it has cooled down to room temperature.
  4. When storing soup in the refrigerator or freezer, ensure that it is in an airtight container to prevent any contamination.
  5. Always use clean utensils and equipment when preparing and storing food.
  6. Before serving the soup, make sure to reheat it to a temperature of 165°F or above to kill any bacteria that may have grown.

By following these food safety precautions, you can safely store and prepare soup in a crockpot overnight without any health hazards.

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