Is The Outside of a Crock Pot Supposed to Be Hot? – Don’t Get Burned!

The answer to the question is yes, crockpots are supposed to get hot on the outside. As for the structure and design of a crockpot or slow cooker, it’s very normal to get heated. However, remember that the crockpot doesn’t get hot to the point where you burn your hand. 

When I use my crockpot, sometimes I also notice the outside parts of my crockpot get noticeably hot. I got concerned and did some research. I discovered that many of the crockpot users have the same problem and we have the same concern.

Finally, I’ve discovered the mentioned reasons and some more info. If you want to know details about this hot topic of the crockpot, please continue reading! I’ve also added a proper solution to your problem. Let’s have a look!

Why Does My Crockpot Get Hot On The Outside?

my crockpot is really hot on the outside

The crockpot inevitably is one of the amazing kitchen utensils. It serves you tender and flavourful meals every day. However, having a crockpot can make your life easier but there are also some concerns. And this topic is about crockpots getting hot on the outside. So, what’s the reason behind this?

A crockpot is designed to distribute the heat evenly over all the edges and bottom of the pot. The heating elements or mechanism are installed at the edges and sides of the crockpot. Most of the time, the elements are placed between the place of inner and outer casting.

However, when you turn the temperature high and gradually the crockpot reaches the highest temperature, the exterior part gets affected by the extreme heat. That’s the most natural and inevitable fact. If the outer parts are made of metal, then the heat gets absorbed more. That’s why it’s not abnormal or any trouble if your crockpot or slow cooker gets hot while cooking.

Do All Crockpots Get Hot On Outside?

Do All Crockpots Get Hot On Outside?
Crockpots Get Hot On Outside

Most of the time, yes. I’ve mentioned before that, for the design or structure of a crockpot, it’s unavoidable to escape the heat. From the review research, I’ve seen that most of the models made in the 1990s don’t get hot often, but the recent models get hotter.

The solution can be a cool-touch crockpot or slow cooker. However, the manufacturers find it difficult to produce cool-touch crockpots for some limitations or technical issues. Anyways, always remember that a crockpot or slow cooker doesn’t get so hot at that point your hand will burn. Nevertheless, you’ll notice your crockpot getting hotter as time goes on.

How Hot Does Crockpot Usually Get?

I’ve got the solution to measure the temperature of your crockpot. It needs a water test and then you’ll get to know the exact temperature. The test follows-

  1. Fill the crockpot with 2/3 of the portion water.
  2. Set the crockpot to a low temperature for 5 hours.
  3. Take the temperature, it should be around 180 degrees Fahrenheit – 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

If this happens, then your crockpot is normal. However, it may not be the same for the crockpot you use as the manufacturer can be different. Still, it’s normal for the crockpot to get hot on the outside.

Where Should I Put My Crockpot While Cooking?

Where Should I Put My Crockpot While Cooking?

As the outer edges and bottom of the crockpot or slow cooker get hot, you should place it in such a place that it can endure the heat. As in a crockpot, you cook for a long period without any supervision, so you must be careful about the surroundings. Plus, you must be careful about what you put beside or close to the crockpot while it’s cooking.

I’ve read experiences where people put their bread packs, plastic bottles, and juice packets near the crockpot. Later it melted! One said, they placed their crockpot on the plastic counter and it melted. You won’t want to experience this type of thing, as it may fuse your crockpot.

Therefore, you should place your crockpot on a surface that can endure extreme heat. If your home has the right type of countertop, then all good. In some cases, you need to be careful about the countertops. Such as- if your countertop is painted or has a butcher block, then heat and moisture can ruin the design.

That’s why the best option to put your crockpot is on the stovetop or rangers. Stove Tops are very easy to clean and extremely heat-absorbing. So, no need to worry about the heat coming from your crockpot. Here are the other options you can use under your crockpot-

  1. Wooden Cut Board
  2. Pizza Holder
  3. Baking Sheet
  4. Silicon Mats

Careful Tips While Positioning Your Crockpot

Careful Tips While Positioning Your Crockpot

Here I’ve given you some noticeable facts you should follow while positioning your crockpot-

1. The Counter

As cooking on a crockpot takes a long cycle, it’s dangerous to expose your counter to the crockpot heat. That’s why the crockpot must be placed on any heatproof tray or wooden board.

2. The Area

Don’t keep any plastic jars or bottles or pack the very near crockpot. As it can be ruined by the heat.

3. Family

If you’ve kids or vulnerable adults in your house, be careful. Make sure that they won’t be able to touch the crockpot while it’s cooking.

4. Hands

Always handle the crockpot with silicone mitts. Otherwise, if you touch the crockpot with bare hands, it can be painful for you.

Can Crockpot Heat My Kitchen?

No, the crockpot doesn’t make your kitchen heat. Let me explain. When we cook in a stove, oven, pot, or air-fryer to some extent the heat escapes. Your kitchen gets heated by the heat according to the size of your room, air circulation, and a bunch of other conditions.

You can be assured that neither a crockpot nor a slow cooker will heat your kitchen or room. Both of these items cook for a long time using very low temperatures. The slow change of temperature can’t be detected much and even if you’re affected just open the window and it’s fine!

Cool-Touch Slow Cooker- Solution

If you’ve small children or vulnerable adults in your home and you’re concerned about the crockpot being on while you’re away. For you, a cool-touch slow cooker can be a good option. Then, you can rest assured that even if you or your family members bump into the slow cooker, there’ll be no burn or pain.

Is Newer Corockpots Hotter?

Yes, newer crockpots are hotter because experts found it’s not safe to cook food dor all day long. So the newer crockpot comes with higher settings which can make the newer crockpot hotter.


Now, in the end, you can say that it’s inevitable that your crockpot will get hot on its interior and exterior structure. If you can get a cool-touch slow cooker to your liking, then you’ll be good. Otherwise, you must follow the proper guidelines to position your crockpot and handle it.

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